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Whether your dog pulls on lead, or they behave in a way that totally embarrasses you out in the street, whether you just want to stop them from barking, or you want alternatives to taking them out on a walk, there's a solution here for you!
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STOP Pulling On Lead

Say goodbye to nightmare walks. Learn how to stop your dog from pulling like a train with these easy-to-implement strategies. Includes a handy progress tracker.

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How to Prevent Your Dog Barking in just 7 days

This brand new workbook supports you in creating a
Barking Prevention Plan for your own dog.

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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Dog's Reactivity

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, people, animals or vehicles?  Receive one new strategy each day delivered straight into your inbox in this 5 Day Reactivity Challenge and watch your dog's transformation unfold!

Six dogs of different breeds looking towards a thermometer and sun in the sky

Heatwave Games

When the mercury starts to rise, replace your walks with this series of 13 quick, calm, easy and fun games that you can play indoors with your dog.  

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