Play together - Stay together

Does your dog bark, growl, snap, or even bite during everyday grooming or vet procedures? Would you like to be able to clip their nails, administer drops, or brush them, without it being a military operation?

If so, this mini-training is for you!

Learn how to carry out regular husbandry, grooming, or vet interventions calmly and easily with co-operation and consent from your dog!

No more barking, snapping, growling or biting! 

In this mini-training, you will learn...
  • What we mean by co-operative care and consent 
  • Why it is worth teaching your dog to give consent to interventions
  • How to get started training a consent behaviour for your own dog
  • How to respond when your dog does not give consent
  • What to do if your dog must undergo some necessary intervention which they are unlikely to consent to

What you'll get...

  • 1 hour 20 minute video replay of the live webinar* including Q & As 
  • Audio recording 
  • 21-page pdf file of all the session slides
  • Access to a secure community space where you can request support with your training

*Please note that this mini-training was delivered as a live webinar on Saturday 13th May 2023. 

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